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Diffusion Models for Inverse Problems Done Right

AI4Science: Striking the Best Data-Knowledge Tradeoff

  • AI4Science Seminar Series, AWS [Slides] (Apr, 2024)

Deep Learning with Nontrivial Constraints

What’s Wrong with End-to-End Learning for Phase Retrieval?

Robust Deep Learning: Where Are We?

Three Pillars of Health Data Science: Transfer Learning, Federated Learning, and Imbalanced Learning

Toward practical phase retrieval with deep learning

Deep image prior (and its cousin) for inverse problems: the untold stories

Deep learning with constraints and nonsmoothness

  • ICCOPT’22 session on Nonsmooth Optimization in Machine Learning [Slides] (Jul 27, 2022)

Deep learning for robust recognition, inverse problems, and healthcare

What’s scary about deep learning?

  • Guest lecture at UMN CSCI8002: Introduction to Research in Computer Science [Slides] (Mar 19, 2021)

Toward practical phase retrieval: To learn or not, and how to learn?

  • The 5th International Conference on Statistical Optimization and Learning [Slides] (Dec 26–30, 2020)
  • “运筹千里”纵横论坛 organized by Operation Research Society of China [Slides] (Sep 27, 2020)

Rapid and Robust COVID-19 Identification from Chest X-rays

Does deep learning solve the phase retrieval problem?

Taming nonconvexity: from smooth to nonsmooth problems

When nonconvexity meets nonsmoothness

When are nonconvex optimization problems not scary?

Complete dictionary learning over the sphere