Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
Leader, Group of Learning, Optimization, Vision, Healthcare, and X (GLOVEX)
Foundational Data Science Committee, UMN Data Science Initiative (DSI)
Leader of Computer Vision, Program for Clinical AI, Center for Learning Health System Sciences (CLHSS)
Full Member, Innovative Methods & Data Science, Center for Learning Health System Sciences (CLHSS)
Affiliated Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering; UMN CSE Data Science Initiative (CSE-DSI); AI Institute for Climate-Land Interactions, Mitigation, Adaptation, Tradeoffs and Economy (AI-CLIMATE); UMN Data Science Program; Institute for Health Informatics (IHI); Institute for Engineering in Medicine (IME)
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

R&D Director of Artificial Intelligence, PureBioX

Research Interests: Foundations of machine learning, computer vision, numerical optimization, and their application to science, engineering, and medicine.

Openings: We plan to recruit three PhD students for 2024 Fall. Ideal candidates should have strong mathematics and programming background, preferably with prior research experience in at least one of the fields: machine learning, computer vision, numerical optimization, and their applications. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of our work (check out my publications and our research page (NB: to be fully updated by the end of Oct, 2023)), we welcome applicants from outside CS fields also, such as electrical engineering, mathematics, statistics, data science, operation research, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and so on (see the background of our current and past members here). Prospective students please directly apply through our PhD application system and mention Prof. Sun among the potential advisors.

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  • Office: 6-213, Keller Hall
  • Phone: 612-301-2729
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  • Office Hour: Mon 1–3pm (Fall 2023)

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