Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
Leader, Group of Learning, Optimization, Vision, Healthcare, and X (GLOVEX)
Foundational Data Science Committee, UMN Data Science Initiative (DSI)
Leader of Computer Vision, Program for Clinical AI, Center for Learning Health System Sciences (CLHSS)
Full Member, Innovative Methods & Data Science, Center for Learning Health System Sciences (CLHSS)
Affiliated Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering; UMN CSE Data Science Initiative (CSE-DSI); AI Institute for Climate-Land Interactions, Mitigation, Adaptation, Tradeoffs and Economy (AI-CLIMATE); UMN Data Science Program; Institute for Health Informatics (IHI); Institute for Engineering in Medicine (IME); Masonic Cancer Center (MCC)
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

R&D Director of Artificial Intelligence, PureBioX

Research Interests: Foundations of machine learning, computer vision, numerical optimization, and their application to science, engineering, and medicine.

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  • Office: 6-213, Keller Hall
  • Phone: 612-301-2729
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  • Office Hour: Mon 1–3pm (Fall 2023)

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