General nonconvex optimization is undoubtedly hard — in sharp contrast to convex optimization, of which there is good separation of problem structure, input data, and optimization algorithms. But many nonconvex problems of interest become amenable to simple and practical algorithms and rigorous analyses once the artificial separation is removed. This page collects recent research effort in this line. (Update: Dec 11 2021)

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Review Articles


Problems with Hidden Convexity or Analytic Solutions

Blind Deconvolution

Separable Nonnegative Matrix Factorization (NMF)

Problems with Provable Global Results

Matrix Completion/Sensing

(See also low-rank matrix/tensor recovery )

Tensor Recovery/Decomposition & Hidden Variable Models

Phase Retrieval

Dictionary Learning

(See also Theory part in Dictionary/Deep Learning)

Deep Learning

Sparse Vectors in Linear Subspaces

(See Structured Element Pursuit )

Nonnegative/Sparse Principal Component Analysis

Mixed Linear Regression

Blind Deconvolution/Calibration

Super Resolution

Synchronization Problems/Community Detection

Joint Alignment

Numerical Linear Algebra

Bayesian Inference

Empirical Risk Minimization & Shallow Networks

System Identification

Burer-Monteiro Style Decomposition Algorithms

Generic Structured Problems

Nonconvex Feasibility Problems

Of Statistical Nature …

Relevant Optimization Methods, Theory, Miscs

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