Learning dictionaries/atomic sets that induce structured representation on data. Applications are still explosively emerging, especially of deep learning, where one allows multi-level nonlinear cascading of representation. Hence formulations to the problems are fairly diverse. We will roughly organize the references according to the problem they try to solve, concentrated on recent literature of theoretical nature. (Update: Feb 29 2020)

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$\mathbf{Y} = \mathbf{A} \mathbf{X}$, $\mathbf{A}$ Square, Invertible, Global Recovery

This problem can be reduced to a sequence of problems, each taking the form of finding sparsest vector in a linear subspace. See also Structured Element Pursuit.

$\mathbf{Y} = \mathbf{A} \mathbf{X}$, $\mathbf{A}$ Overcomplete, Incoherent, Global Recovery

$\mathbf{Y} = \mathbf{A} \mathbf{X}$ Local Correctness

Single-Kernel Convolutional (aka Blind Deconvolution): $\mathbf{y} = \mathbf{a} \otimes \mathbf{x}$

Multi-Kernel Convolutional: $\mathbf{Y} = \sum_i \mathbf{a}_i \otimes \mathbf{x}_i$

Generalized Dictionary Learning

Wavelet/General Scattering Network

Provable Learning of Deep Structure

Algorithms and Applications

Dictionary Learning

Transformation Learning

Convolutional Dictionary Learning

Deep Learning

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