Ju Sun (孙举)

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I’m Ju Sun, a Math+X postdoctoral scholar working with Professor Emmanuel Candes at Stanford University. Prior to this, I obtained my PhD degree from Electrical Engineering, Columbia University in 2016, working with Professor John Wright. I work at the intersection of computer vision, machine learning, numerical optimization, signal/image processing, information theory, and compressive sensing, focusing on modeling, harnessing, and computing with structures in massive data, with provable guarantees and practical algorithms.

[New] As of year 2017/2018, I’m on the academic job market. See my [CV] and [Research Statement].


  • Email: sunju@stanford.edu      sunjunus@gmail.com
  • Office: 380 U, Sloan Hall
  • Webpage: http://sunju.org
  • Mail address:

Stanford University, Mathematics
450 Serra Mall, Building 380
Stanford, CA 94305

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Columbia Years (2011 - 2016)