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Homogeneous Structured Element Pursuit

Finding structured elements from a geometric object, with emphasis on objects containing the origin and hence associated scale ambiguity. (Update: Dec 08 2015)

[S] indicates my contribution.

Finding Sparse Vectors in Linear Subspaces

  1. Speeding up sum-of-squares for tensor decomposition and planted sparse vectors (2015)
  2. Dual Principal Component Pursuit (2015)
  3. Complete Dictionary Recovery over the Sphere (2015)
  4. Finding a sparse vector in a subspace: Linear sparsity using alternating directions ([S], 2014)
  5. Exact Recovery of Sparsely-Used Dictionaries (2012)
  6. Blind Source Separation by Sparse Decomposition in a Signal Dictionary (2001)

Finding Low-rank Matrices in Matrix Subspaces

  1. Finding a low-rank basis in a matrix subspace (2015)
  2. Rank-one solutions for homogeneous linear matrix equations over the positive semidefinite cone (2013)
  3. A simple prior-free method for non-rigid structure-from-motion factorization (2012)

Finding Sparse Elements in Tensor Subspaces

  1. When are Overcomplete Topic Models Identifiable? Uniqueness of Tensor Tucker Decompositions with Structured Sparsity (2013)

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