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CV Software

This page collects wonderful resource for computer vision research (mostly software packages/tools) and technical references.  Closed-source software tools are explicitly noted, otherwise opensource. (Update: May 28 2013)

General Purpose


Feature Extraction

Support Vector Machines (SVM)

  • LIBSVM (A Library for Support Vector Machines)
  • SVMlight (Another popular implementation of SVM)
  • shogun (A large-scale ML toolbox, specialized in SVM. It provides unified interface for several popular SVM implementations, and features supports for Multiple Kernel Learning. )

Graphical Models and Inference Algorithms

Nearest Neighbor Search in High-Dimensions

Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction

Numerical Linear Algebra and Scientific Computations (C/C++)

Optimization Packages

  • CVX(disciplined convex optimization package for Matlab) and CVXMOD + CVXOPT its Python counterpart
  • CVXGEN (highly customized C code generator with Matlab wrapper for small-scale linear and quadratic programs)
  • TFOCS ( Templates for First-Order Conic Solvers, esp. for optimization involving sparsity and low-rankness)
  • Mosek Optimization Software (Commercial software package but with free full-functional academic license. Need to know some optimization basics to deploy)
  • Graph cut in computer vision (Note: NOT normalized cuts. It seems not all efficient algorithms are developed by mathematicians!)
  • Decision tree for optimization software (A wealthy collection/guide of optimization resources, including software, data, books and tutorials).
  • Manopt (A Matlab toolbox for optimization on manifolds)

Compressive Sensing (SC) /Sparse Representation

GPU Programming for CV (Don’t have a GPU on your PC? You’re out …)