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Finals, QE and Ahead

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I’m finished with my finals, after interrupted study and broken rest time for several days – you must pay afterwards even with unmindful procrastination on the move.

Qualification Exam is ahead within two plus weeks. It’s the time to get refreshed my mind with the concepts of circuits, Fourier transformation, registers, and bit error probability, pretty everything a typical electrical engineering graduate needs to know. Yuh… another fighting! Of course the words your professor would often spend on this issue is > make sure you pass, but not spend too much time! It’s an interesting balance a graduate student most likely always tries to strike…

Visits to this blog keep roll up, even after my absence in the past few months. I’m pleased to be noticed of the 20,000 hits by the system. I’ve decided to put reasonable amount of time in future to update this blog with more technical expositions and discussions. This would considerably improve my ability to understand technical materials, which I would need to sharpen as soon as possible.

I was just having a Christmas dinner with John and one master student. It’s pretty fun! We consumed some 1.5 bottles of red wines. And John was asking one theorem for each bottle we had for next semester, jokingly …